Rent Flip Folds Today & Enjoy Organizing Your Wardrobe with Comfort

Flip folds are one of the best inventions for those crazy about organizing and who hate folding their clothes. Well, it's true, flip folds are perfect for anyone who isn't a fan of folding their clothes and is looking for an easier way out.

Now some might ask, what exactly is a flip fold? You’ve probably already seen it on your TV, a Facebook advertisement, or an Instagram’s satisfying organization video. The flip fold is magic clothes folding gadget.

They help you fold your clothes within a few seconds, so no need to flip coins to decide who’ll do the laundry or fold the clothes because, with flip folds, that job just got easier. 

How does a flip fold work? 

Flip folds are very easy to use and provide you with efficient results. All you have to do is place your clothing item (face down) on top of the board, then fold the sides of the board on after the other, making upwards bottom fold the last one. And Voila! Your shirt is now perfectly folded. 

Flip folds are perfect for organizing as they fold each clothing item in the same size, making them look neat and tidy when placed one on top of the other. Moreover, it takes less than 5 seconds to fold any clothing item with its help, making a flip board at home necessary. 

Renting a Flip Fold for Organizing:

A flip fold can be an ultimate lifesaver, as it works like magic and helps you fold all your laundry in a matter of seconds. However, there’s a slight chance you might be someone who enjoys the traditional folding method. Hence, it is better to rent them and try them out before getting one.

The gadget might not be for everyone as someone who will use it for the first time might need some practice. Either people like this gadget or they absolutely hate it.

Moreover, renting is much more affordable than buying a flip fold that might cost you about 800-1500 rupees. Other than that, renting a flip fold is far more convenient because nobody folds their clothes every day, and you can rent one whenever needed instead of buying one.

Reasons to rent a flip fold:

Saves time: 

Flip folds are very efficient at their job. They help you fold your clothes in about 5 seconds, which keeps you so much more time. As compared to the traditional method. They are way more convenient and time-saving. 

It’s fun: 

Well, nobody enjoys folding clothes, especially not with the tedious and tiring technique. However, with the help of ht gadget, the situation has been turned and made this errand a little fun as it now requires less effort and gets the work done with just a few board flips. 

Makes laundry easier:

The errand that we tried delaying and kept on stalling or tried pinning on other family members just got easier with the help of flip folds. Now, instead of running away from folding, it might just seem like the easiest and the most effortless task.

It makes clothes look more organized:

One of the best things about flip folds is that it makes each clothing item folded at the same size. No matter how big or small your shirt is, the result will be the same.

In comparison, no matter how good you are with traditional folding, you can’t possibly fold each clothing item of the same size. Hence, flip folds are perfect for organizing clothes in the best way. 

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