Car rental services in Pakistan changed to Vacations in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Holidays are always the best escape from the mundane daily routines that tend to wear us down. The picturesque northern areas of Pakistan are one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Be it the majestic snowcapped peaks, the magical dense forests, the centuries-old unique culture of the local people, the northern areas of the country will surely mesmerize you. The cool breezes of the northern areas will surely hook you up.

The surreal beauty of the northern landscape is best enjoyed when you can freely explore and find new places that are away from the major tourist spots that have lost some of their opulence over time due to a huge inflow of tourists.

There are many reasons why you must rent a car. One of them is people traveling with families and kids usually want to rent cars while exploring the north. It certainly does become difficult to rush with a tour group when you’re with your kids. Children tend to follow their schedule and may not always be in harmony with the timetable of tour operators.

The tour operators also rush you through some of the most famous places in a short span of time and you might want to enjoy the place; bask in some of the serenity the environment offers and that is not possible with tour operators. Or in other cases, you might just value your privacy and wish to travel in peace.

The main reasons why people choose car rentals over the cheaper guided tour services, in my opinion, are the carefully chosen locations they wish to visit. Whatever your needs or requirements may be, we are here to guide you with your choices for car rentals in the north.

For tourists that come from around the country and abroad – Islamabad is the base camp where tourists converge. It is from here that one can easily access every corner of northern Pakistan. Famous destinations include Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, Chitral, Kalam, Swat, Naran, Kaghan, Skardu, K2 base camp and countless other destinations.

While these places might seem adjacent on a map, actually they are quite distant through the mountainous passes. The never-ending, winding roads take very long to reach and usually one has to return to cities like Manshera and Muzaffarabad to get to other destinations. Thus, one tends to look for car rental services that offer well-maintained vehicles that could take on the long routes and formidable heights of the Himalayas.

The individual needs of the clients do surely differ on a case to case basis. While some of us would require a sedan, others might want to rent an SUV. It all depends on the number of people traveling and the budget of the client.

One great and obvious way to look for a good car rental agency is, of course, the internet. Chat groups and Google reviews may not always be reliable but they are more often than not, of great help.

Many car rental companies also advertise for their services on the internet with pictures of their fleet of vehicles and their charges. The internet can help tourists compare the charges of different car rentals without the hassle of physically going to different dealerships. This way we can make informed decisions with the peace of mind and we also don’t have to spend extra cash on the same quality vehicles.

The trick is to look for the companies that offer a wide range of vehicles that may best suit our needs and secondly companies with a big fleet of vehicles is more likely to be a more professional establishment. Furthermore, big companies have rentals in smaller cities in the north like Manshera, Muzaffarabad, and Peshawar so that if you get any trouble from the car you could easily change the car.

It needs not to be mentioned here that extra care should be taken and quality should not be bargained over meager sums of money. This is because you wouldn’t want to be stuck in the middle of a forest on a cold night waiting for help. For all the thousands of tourists visiting the north yearly, the government has failed to keep up with the facilities for tourists. Thus, there are very few watches by the local authorities to check if anybody is in trouble.

So, if you’re in trouble you’re pretty much on your own. But the good news is that the locals are more often than not, very helpful and hospitable. Though one has to be mindful of enterprising and cunning locals who may want to swindle you out of your cash; but this is true for any new place you might travel to.

So before going out on your journey be sure to take a proper test drive and check your car to be satisfactory.