How to give car on rent to companies in Pakistan

Are you one of those people who own a car but barely use it? You feel that maintaining this car is too much of a hassle for you. It costs you without any benefits. Worry no more, you can rent your car to companies and call centers within Pakistan. These companies will rent out your car and can help you make some extra cash.

Many companies in Pakistan offer different options. One of the options available to you is to rent your car every month. This will leave room for you to take your car back based on a short-term contract. On the other hand, if you choose to give your car away for a long-term contract then you will have to part with your vehicle for a long while.

Make sure you research comprehensively before opting any travel agency or company. Once you find a good car rental company of your choice you can carry on with the process of renting your car. However, there are certain requirements to be fulfilled and information you need to know to rent out your car to travel agencies or companies within Pakistan.

  • Condition of your car: The condition of your car is of utmost importance. Rarely any companies or travel agencies take cars in poor condition on a rental basis.  You might want to take your car to a mechanic before renting it out.

  • Documentation: Your documentation must be intact. This will help you get through the process as fast as possible.
  • Commercial Usage: Make sure you have a permit for commercial use before reaching out to any company.
  • Security deposit: If you opt to give your car for Self-drive, make sure to take through details of the process and maintain a security deposit. This will help you in case of any damage to your car.
  • Car Listing: Furthermore, you will need to list your car i.e. provide the company with information regarding your vehicle and agree to the company’s terms and conditions. It can take the company up to 1-2 weeks to get back to you.  
  • Car Review: After the listing process is complete, the company will get in contact with you to review the condition of your vehicle.
  • Agreement Type: The type of agreement you sign up for depends entirely on the availability and demand of your car. There are two types of agreements usually offered:
  • A Short-Term agreement usually incorporates a period lasting from a few weeks to a month.
  • A Long-Term agreement incorporates a special contract with corporate clients for major events, etc.
  • Price for your car: The pricing is dependent upon the company. They usually take certain statistical measures such as market value, condition, and location to make the decision. This also means that the pricing process is dynamic and it can change if the values as mentioned above change.
  • Your earnings: A contract that ensures a certain fixed amount for the recipient then it has no room for explanation. It is plain and simple the amount you will be receiving as per the contract either by the specified period such as every month.  However, there are certainly other types of agreements that have an impact on your earnings. An example would be that you provide the company with your vehicle and driver. In this case, you can get up to 75% of the driver’s earnings.
  • Security of your vehicle:  It is crucial that you are aware of the risks that might come to your car. It is possible to take safety measures which ensure your car in situations where it has been damaged by the company. To do so, you simply need to get your car insured before renting it out. Many well-known insurance companies in Pakistan can assist you with further procedures.

With security concerns improving in Pakistan, the travel sector is also blooming in the up north of the country. Hence, renting out more cars has become a business of its own. You can now make a little extra money easily as tourism is increasing in Pakistan.