Rent a Car with your Credit Card in Pakistan

Approaching car rental companies can be frustrating, it is even more frustrating when the companies impose strict credit card transaction policies.

Whether you like it or not, it is generally accepted worldwide that you should ideally be using your credit card when renting a car abroad. Not only is it safer for the company, but it is also comparatively hassle-free and allows you to bypass hefty deposit charges as opposed to a debit card.

Fortunately, The Hertz Car Rental Company supports rentals on selective credit cards nationwide. Other than that, there are some banks in Pakistan that issue VISA/Master cards that are accepted worldwide in most countries for rental transactions.

If you are planning your next foreign visit and looking for rental options, or if you would like to know the best credit cards that are accepted worldwide for renting purposes, keep reading:

Debit vs Credit Card

Why do rental companies accept credit cards but resist debit card transactions? The reason is that the debit card is only worth the amount you deposited in your bank account. In case of accidental damages and unforeseen costs, a company can claim its charges on a credit card as opposed to a debit card. That being said, a credit card speaks volumes about your financial character, it shows that you are financially responsible and have good credibility.

How to rent a car on a credit card?

  • So first things first, you will need to check up on the available car rental companies in your location beforehand.
  • It is crucial that the credit card should be in the name of the renter. The signatures should match with those imprinted on the card and the legal agreement.
  • After selecting a car type, you will have to pay a security deposit before the car can be acquired. This acts as a security fund for the company and will be returned to you when you return the car.

World miles Credit Card by Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan

The first of its kind, Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan has gone up a notch in introducing the World miles card, that helps you make purchases and lets you accumulate world miles on every 40 PKR you spend. You can later redeem these points to enjoy free flights and hotel reservations to your favorite destinations across the globe.

SCB ensures optimum customer services to their cherished platinum consumers by providing customer priority and redeeming and booking options just a phone call away.

The best part is that world miles credit cardholders can avail a 15% off on car rentals when booking with HERTZ car rentals all across Pakistan, which means that they have you all covered for your foreign as well as local trips.

The concept of renting cars on credit cards is still emerging but coupled with its other useful perks plus the convenience of going cashless while traveling, we are seeing it gaining popularity in a few years.