Rent Velvet Outfits This Shadi Season From Rentable. PK

We all love to follow different trends and plan our outfits accordingly, especially outfits for big occasions and events, to stand out from the crowd such as close family/friends shadis. Each one of us can agree that with each passing year, new trends come and go.

Different trendsetters, be it celebrities or influencers whose style you admire, set the trend for us to follow. However, one trend that has been going on forever and has never changed is velvet outfits. Without any doubt, we can all agree that velvet outfits are one of the classiest to do this winter wedding season.

Renting Out Velvet Outfits:

Velvet outfits are the perfect choice for all events when the temperature is low, be it a small wedding with restricted visitors or a tremendous one with an endless list of guests.

One of the prime reasons why they are considered to be the best option in winters is because obviously, they keep you warm and can be styled in tremendous ways, practically any manner you need for any event you want.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a full-length dress, a basic yet glitzy peplum, velvet kaftan, a completely weaved lehenga, or an all-out heavy shirt for a Mehendi, qawwali night, or the big wedding day itself, velvet suits make for the most lovely, stunning, and dazzling outfits.

Once upon a time, Velvet was exclusive to French royalty and a staple in the closets of celebrities. Regardless, the cloth comes in many varieties today and still can prove to be hefty on your pocket. So, what do you do when you have a winter wedding to attend and little money in your pocket. Rent it!

If you are someone who has already spent a hefty amount on an outfit and now has nowhere to wear it, then, in this situation, the best thing is to rent them out. This way, instead of keeping them packed in a storage room, you can earn from them.

Moreover, we all know how much velvet outfits are in demand. Hence, without any hassle, your outfits will start renting out in no time while helping someone have their dream dress. 

Why Rent a Velvet Outfit this Wedding Season:

There are many reasons why leasing has become an ideal decision throughout the winter wedding season. The reason is that most ladies don’t repeat their outfits after they’ve worn, flaunted, and posted them on their social media.

Moreover, people only wear velvet in winters, making it a piece that can only be worn within a short period of time which means until next year when the winter wedding season arrives. Hence, it is ideal to rent them out and, without much stress, return them, once worn. This way, you neither have to spend tons on one outfit nor do you have to worry about when you will get another chance to wear it.

Furthermore, the Covid situation is getting worst day by day, making it life-threatening to go out shopping or any other thing for that matter. To top it all, consumer power has greatly declined over the past few months.

Therefore, renting is more beneficial as you do not have to go to malls, bazaars, and walk through the enormous crowds and risk your loved ones’ lives or as a matter of fact spends a huge amount. Hence, stay safe and rent these outfits at your convenience.

Rentable. Pk:

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