Rent a Lifeprint printer

It is nice to have hard copies of the memories and make albums like olden times or have a memory wall. So for that get a lifeprint printer on rent.. It will print your photos on spot.

Almost all of us have countless photos saved in our gallery as memories to look at once we grow old. It’s one of the latest trends to capture everything, at times we forget to enjoy the moment itself too but the photos are great to look back it, they make you relive that very memory and remind you of how you used to be before and how times have changed. Everything in this world can change but those very pictures, those very memories will remain as it is and maybe that’s why we like to click so many photos because we know that it’ll be the only thing that’ll remain the exact same. Even tho everything has become digital now, its still good to have some stuff physically. Like as much as its easier and more convenient to store all the photos in our phones or laptops or usbs, but it is also nice to have hard copies of the memories and make albums like olden times or have a memory wall. All of this seems nice till you talk about the hassle of separating the photos you want to get printed and then going to the shop, etc. There’s an easier way out there now, that is lifeprint printer. It will print your photos on spot. So try it out, rent out a lifeprint printer. 

What is a lifeprint printer? How does it work? 

Lifeprint printer is a small device that prints out any photo of your choice on spot. It is very easy to work with, you simply have to download the app before hand. Turn the device on and  then click on your phone settings and connect your Bluetooth, once its connected go on the app, and then select whatever photo you want to print out, edit it if needed and click on print. You will have your photo in 30s. Also before all of these steps, ensure that you’ve inserted the photo paper.

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Is a lifeprint printer beneficial? 

Yes, without a doubt! You can practically print out any photo at anytime, so this is great especially if you’re someone who values physical photos more than digital. Other than that, this could be great for travelling, parties as well as journaling or scrapbooking. 

Renting out a liferprint printer will be a fun experience. You can rent it out before an event and then have loads of photos in hand at that event. 

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Happy renting!