Rent Sony Cameras in Pakistan

Since the rage of Instagram and social media has taken over Pakistan, photography is emerging as a trendy hobby and a status symbol. Let's face it, we all used to take pictures from our mobile cameras and that seemed to be enough, but as technology took over, and DSLR cameras were introduced in the market, we are simply shocked with the picture and pixel quality.

Today these cameras are used by young adults and professional photographers alike. Without a doubt, the pictures come out stunning, there is an exquisite interplay of colors and views, and the picture quality is commendable.

Aside from high-quality pictures, Pakistan has emerged as one of the top freelancing communities worldwide. Aside from SEO content and social media marketing, freelance photography skills are also one of the most sought out skills on the market today. In hopes of starting a side hustle, DSLR cameras are becoming a hot purchase for young and middle-aged adults in hopes of converting their freelance hobby into a full-time a profitable business as they gain experience.

Today there are tons of DSLR camera brands to choose from, each having their unique specifications according to a certain price range. When it comes to pro-level, high-quality cameras, only 3 brands can make it to the top of our list-Canon, Nikon and Sony.

Known popularly as an electronics company, today Sony boasts an attractive collection of professional and entry-level cameras fit for every type of budget and individual needs. Sony cameras are most renowned today in the photography world for their mirror less cameras, producing high-resolution pictures even in low light. Moreover, they are on the more affordable side as compared to competitor brands, Canon and Nikon.

Today these cameras can range from 40,000 PKR for the entry-level low spec models going up to 100,000 PKR and above based on additional features, lenses, and other equipment. For people who cannot afford to invest and pay upfront, or are unsure about the model to choose from, renting Sony cameras can be quite a learning experience for them.

Here are some of the places you can rent Sony cameras in Pakistan:

  • Pakistan’s most popular online shopping platform, OLX Pakistan, yet again tops the game with coming out with buying as well as affordable renting options. Simply check the website, search for camera rentals and filter it according to your location, camera model and specs. Choose the camera you like, contact the seller and seal the deal! Rentals start at an unbelievable rate of 950-1500 PKR per day. Check them out at
  • Rent A Dslr, Drone Camera & Equipment for Rent Canon Nikon Sony Lahore: Specially featured for all our Lahori readers, these guys are running a Facebook page where you can find your desired Sony camera at an attractive rental price. Known as a reliable and authentic page, the whole dealing is smooth and hassle-free.