Rent a House in Karachi’s Posh Area

It comes as no surprise, that Karachi is home to millions of people belonging to different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. Ranked as the third most populous city of the world, the mega city has both affordable and posh localities suitable to different budgets.

In previous articles, we have shed much light on the most affordable areas to rent in the city, today we will dive deep into some of the most elite residential areas of Karachi discussing their location, living conditions and rental budget per month. Let’s get started.     

KDA Scheme 1 – Karsaz

Topping our list as the no.1 posh area to secure a house in, Karsaz is by far the best residential area Karachi has to offer. The small suburban area is home to some of Pakistan’s most elite families, industrialists, and recognized politicians. Located just adjacent to the Pakistan Maritime museum and Pakistan navy hospitals, the area offers tight security. Location wise, the area is supreme to others in the sense that it is centrally located. Whether you have to travel to downtown Saddar, head to your office located at Shahrah e Faisal or have a doctor’s appointment at AKUH, every single facility is within reach. Karsaz also houses the best elite schools of Karachi, shopping complexes and supermarkets are also located nearby making the area very family-friendly. As far as rents go, you need a very high budget to be able to afford a home in this upscale area of Karachi. 600 sq. yard Bungalow, featuring 4 rooms can cost you anywhere from 1.5-3 lac PKR per month. ·        

Clifton, Sea View

Have you always dreamt of waking up to pristine ocean views from the front of your apartment? Well Clifton sea view Karachi offers you just that. Located on the outskirts of the city, this area is also one of Karachi’s most prominent and elite areas to live in. Home to Pakistan’s top-notch designer brands, luxury beauty salons, prominent clothing brands and multinational offices, the area is truly a luxury to live in fit for the elite. Downsides include the fact that the area is not centrally located and prices of grocery items and everyday mundane items are fairly high. A 4 bedroom apartment without furniture can cost anywhere from 70,000-2 lacs PKR per month.

Defence Housing Authority

Built and administered under the supervision of Pakistan Military, DHA is the most organized and well-built housing society of Karachi. The area starts as soon as you leave the vicinity of Clifton, featuring 8 phases all catering to different budgets, with phases 6, 7 and 8 being on the more affordable side. Location wise, it is similar to Clifton but more residential. Built near modern shopping complexes, elite schools, exquisite cafes, and lush green parks, the area fits the criteria for most families looking to settle in Karachi. A 4 bedroom apartment in DHA phase 6 and 7 can start anywhere from 55,000-90,000 PKR per month, whereas a 3 bedroom bungalow in phase 5 will cost you 1.8 Lac per month.