Rent Apartments for Students in Karachi

So you have just graduated from college and are ready to step into an undergrad university for further studies? Not only will you be bombarded with a hectic study schedule, but you will also face tough adulting decisions like living in another city for the first time.

While many governments have claimed to bring educational reforms in each of their tenures in Pakistan, it is a sad reality that most of the country’s well renowned and recognized universities are located in major cities of each province. This poses a unique challenge to students coming from different small towns and villages across the country in dreams to pursue their higher educational studies. The challenge to find the most affordable boarding facilities throughout their academic period without overburdening their parents, while still able to lead a modest lifestyle.

Most universities provide on-campus or off-campus hostel facilities. Hostels do come with a decent room size with over 2 or 3 other people sharing one room at a time. Each hostel is equipped with good size bedrooms, attached bathrooms, dining halls, a common library and a well-equipped security system that is supervised by the hostel warden, although these facilities can vary from university to university.

While availing a hostel is still a popular choice for many, more and more students are looking into renting apartments during their academic period. Renting an apartment may seem expensive to most people, but if you do your research well, there are many budget-friendly neighborhoods all across Karachi, with flexible rates and decent living conditions.

Renting an apartment comes with many advantages. For starters, you have a room of your own with personal space and privacy, which is non-existent in a hostel. You can have your choice of roommates and friends to live in a combined 2, 3 room apartment to minimize rental costs, something that is not possible in a hostel as rooms are given randomly to students by the university. Above all, renting an apartment for the first time is a valuable experience for many young adults. Having a place of your own and catering to it needs entails a sense of discipline and independence, which can help you in the long run.

While the rental market is very competitive in Karachi, with prices soaring each year, finding a good apartment in a decent area is a tiresome task. Here are some of the affordable neighborhoods for renting apartments in Karachi:

North Nazimabad

According to recent stats, a 2 bedroom apartment in Nazimabad can cost up to 15,000 PKR, rising to 25,000 PKR for 3 rooms. The area is safe, located close to leading hospitals and eateries ensuring safety and entertainment options for students.


Recently emerging as the rental hub of the city, every year new apartment complexes are being made which makes the area an affordable option for many. The area is centrally located reducing travel time to downtown Saddar and Shahrah-e-Faisal area. Apartments are priced at 18,000 PKR for 2 bedrooms, and 23,000 for 3 bedroom flats.

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Happy home searching!