Rent out a Shaadi House

This wedding season be smart and rent a shaadi house instead of getting hotel rooms.

As winter is soon about to make its way in and lockdown has finally ended which means that its almost wedding season again. Ah, as much happiness, fun and excitement that is brought with shaadis, it also brings a lot of stress and workload especially if its the wedding of someone in your house. As soon as wedding days come close by the entry of large number of guests start because in desi weddings we call every single relative that we probably haven’t even contacted in the last 3 years or so and as you’re the host of the wedding, it is your duty to provide them with a good place to live at. So this wedding season be smart and rent a shaadi house instead of getting hotel rooms.

We all have been waiting for the wedding season to come back because lets be honest, this quarantine really messed us up because of the minimal contact with our loved ones and the fear of the virus itself. Now that it has decreased and wedding halls have opened up again, it’s party time.

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Why should you rent shaadi house?

  1. Renting a complete house would be cheaper since you could have all the guests live together in one place so you wouldn’t have to pay for various different hotel rooms.
  2. When you’re the host of the wedding then you also have to provide the food to all the families so if every family is living in separate areas then providing food would also cost you transport cost and prove to be more expensive. When you rent a shaadi house then it becomes easy because you could just send the food to the house straight away.
  3. Since it is indeed a wedding, so there must obviously be a lot ‘party sharty’ or at least that’s the desi wedding trend, there’s loads of pre wedding functions called dholki’s which consist of lots of dances or you could say dance practices and music. So since everyone will be living together, it will be so much more exciting and easy to conduct the events.

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