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Small gatherings have become the new norm in the world we live in now, due to the ongoing pandemic. Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in our lives. There are so many things that have changed with the advent of this pandemic.

Every market of the world has been affected but none more so than the desi wedding market.

While the virus has limited human interaction, desi weddings have somewhat turned into small gatherings of maybe a hundred or fewer people rather than exquisite events where usually hundreds of people are brought together under one roof.

Small gathering indicates that you have to make tough choices as to who you might as well invite or cut off from all the essential people in your life. Whoever you might as well have chosen to become your guest for the evening, small gatherings indicate less expenditure, food, and most importantly less space.

Given the requirement before the pandemic, all the places where weddings are usually held, hold at least 150 to 200 people minimum. It is not conducive to have a small gathering in such halls. Why waste money paying for such a big space when you are planning to invite a maximum of 50 people? This is where as a platform can save your life! is here to save the day!

Login to and browse through owner’s offering open spaces, outdoor areas for small gatherings that you can rent. Now you don’t have to worry about finding the right place. All you have to do is head on to and pick an outdoor area that will suit you best. 

We at encourage owner’s who have vacant spaces and can easily provide others with the space for rent for the evening must register on the website and post an ad! In this way, the owner’s will be able to make easy money while staying at home.

Small Gatherings are Totally Doable!

Outdoor weddings are totally doable given that someone takes ownership of decorating the place and turns it into a perfect place for the evening! If you want, you may rent even those decorative items as well. This way, you can save up a ton of money and use it somewhere meaningful.

If we stop and think about it, the pandemic has helped the financial situation before and after weddings for people. Now we don’t have to spend a fortune just to get the perfect wedding area for the wedding.

Outdoor areas for rent are not only available for weddings but also other kinds of small gatherings. We can rent these areas for birthday parties, formal events, baby showers, wedding showers, anniversary parties, and more.

Adapting New Way of Life

Pakistan is slowly adapting to this new way of life, and small gatherings at weddings are a trend that people are beginning to like. After all, it is less of a hassle, makes for less stress and so much more fun! 

Renting is easy and fun. It makes for a happier life and a more comfortable financial life. Rent outdoor areas for all your events, and you’ll find that renting is a joy that can be spread to all aspects of life.

Pakistan has accepted this new fad wholeheartedly, and those who haven’t are truly missing out! Just head to and you will find all your dreams come true. is there to make life easy for us all.