Why Should Millennials Stick to Renting & Not Buying?

It is debatable to say whether renting is better than buying or not. Research suggests that Millenials in Asia are not as aware of their finances as other people of the same age around the world. Millennials from around the world prefer buying over renting, as it gives them complete ownership and an asset to count on. However, in Asia things are different.

There are numerous reasons why a ton of others opt for renting items of all kinds. One of these reasons includes; renting lets you experience things that you never thought would be accessible to you based on your income. Moreover, it also helps you find the best fit according to your lifestyle. 

Financial Decisions:

While taking care of the entire household, people are juggling with expenses with lower salaries today. It is due to the poor economy and fewer opportunities in the market.

With all the expectations comes the stress of the future, the stress of managing life uniformly. If you have observed a pattern, especially in Asia, a lot of people tend to save up money so they can invest in gold and property. However, based on the economic condition in Pakistan, buying may no longer be a viable option for many.

In a situation like this, making irreversible commitments, such as buying a new house, car, electronics, jewellery, or any other asset, can be a foolish decision and can leave people in a vulnerable situation. This could be because people might not have a lot of savings to count on in time of need.

Additionally, with renting, there is no need to worry about the rates’ downfall, and it simultaneously fulfils the needs and wants. Renting can effectively help these Millenials live the lifestyle they desire.

Renting Items to Fulfil Your Needs:

In Pakistan, people have still a long way to go when it comes to renting. To kick start the process, people need a reliable medium to fall back on. Sometimes they face one problem: how and where to rent from time after time. Unlike cars and apartments, things like decoration pieces, furniture, electronics, clothes, shoes, accessories, and other home appliances are not readily available on rent on many local sites or in the market.

Well, we have good news for you!

Rentable.pk is Here to Change the Game:

A site created by young entrepreneurs with the idea of introducing Pakistanis to a new way of living. Rentable.pk is the first free classified renting portal of Pakistan to provide a new experience that is easier and affordable while at the same time making it luxurious, lavish, and extraordinary.

With Rentable.pk, anyone can browse ads conveniently and move on to break a deal with the supplier. This is how timeless the process of renting is with Rentable.pk.

At Rentable.pk, you can locate anything and everything that you plan on renting. Be it books, lamps, decorations, jewellery, designer clothes, shoes, bags, houses, cars, cameras, phones, etc. All that you are required to do is create an account and start searching.

Moreover, this platform can help you earn some money in the comfort of your house. How? Rentable.pk allows locals to post ads of their assets online on their site by creating an enticing advertisement with an accurate description and realistic pictures of the item.

Once you’ve done that, your ad will then be visible to people from around Pakistan. Whoever finds the object relevant to their need can quickly contact you and rent the item. This way, you get to make extra cash while sitting at home.