Gupus PTDC Motel Gilgit

Along with the recent tourism reforms and the Governments interest towards maximizing tourist inflow, it is safe to conclude that Pakistan is emerging as an attractive travel destination.

Surrounded by lush green forests, crystal clear waters and scenery of mountain ranges, in recent times, Gilgit Baltistan have reached immense popularity because of stunning views and the rich local culture and folklore it has to offer. The full potential of this land is yet to be explored.

A trip to Gilgit remains incomplete if one hasn’t visited the beautiful Gupis Valley. Known as the great meeting point of Yasin and gupis rivers, the area is popular for harvesting the trout fish breed and remains to be popular throughout the summers and winters alike. Over time the area has remained a hot favorite, attracting nationals as well as foreigners alike. With serene views that instill calmness and ideal hiking and mountain climbing opportunities, Gupis valley is an ideal destination for relaxation and the adventure fanatic alike.

When it comes to accommodation, one cannot help but mention the Gupus PTDC Motel that comes under the supervision of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. Located on Shandur Road, Gupis, District of Ghizer, The Government-owned Motel offers satisfactory accommodation facilities with pristine views.

The outlook of the motel is, however, basic and vintage in fashion. While you may not find it as well designed and aesthetically pleasing as hotels abroad, it is still an affordable and much-suited option for many travelers who come to visit for a short tenure.

PTDC Gupis Motel is well furnished and well maintained with clean rooms featuring single/double beds, dressing table, charging outlets, and fresh bed linen with duvet covers. Bathrooms are well kept with Muslim showers although they may not be suitable for old or disabled family members. The hotel rooms feature stunning views for its visitors, just overlooking the great rivers and diverse mountain ranges. If you are lucky enough, you might strike your chance of renting a room featuring an open balcony, where you can sit with your loved ones and relish a cup of tea enjoying the cool breeze.

As far as location goes, the motel is situated in the heart of Ghizer district which makes short trips to surrounding Gupis valley, Phander valley and Yasin valley fairly easy. You can easily go for short trekking trips and climb hills if that’s your thing.

Standard single and double rooms are available for a very affordable rate of 4000 and 5000 PKR respectively, featuring an outdoor area for family picnics, gatherings, picnics, and bar be cues. Free WIFI and cable t.v facilities are also included in this package. Aside from this, the motel offers car parking, laundry, housekeeping and porterage facilities that are rare to find in remote areas such as Gilgit.

Aside from regular rates, the motel charges tend to reach a staggering 20,000 PKR in peak season with limited facilities. Rent your space today in advance by visiting this link and have the time of your life is Pakistan’s haven.