How Can Help You Arrange Your Shadi With as Limited Amount as Possible

With December just around the corner, Shaadi preparations are in full swing. We all know how winters are the ultimate wedding season, and how people look forward to it, excited and full of enthusiasm.

Each year, we wait for one wedding or the other, with the same excitement. However, this year the tables have turned, and well there is no more exhilaration as there used to be. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in our lives and looks like it is here to stay. This means: Say Goodbye to huge weddings!

The prime reason why weddings are not the same anymore is either because COVID-19 ruined our plans for a big fat wedding due to the financial backlash, or because of the restrictions and SOP’s that are to be followed.

This makes it nearly impossible to have the dream wedding, especially considering the amount of cash that goes into planning one. However, life goes on, and even with coronavirus on its verge, wedding plans can’t stop, as no one knows when this pandemic will be over.

Planning a Wedding at a Moderate Cost with Rentable

When it comes to desi weddings, there is no compromise worth making. We all imagine our marriages to be luxurious be it an intimate event with our close family and friends or a massive wedding with everyone hundreds of guests. We understand how the pandemic can be an obstacle between all your Shaadi plans. Hence, here is the perfect solution for you.

Let’s first talk about some of the things on your checklist to complete the wedding of your dreams. The first and foremost thing is the venue, then decorations, catering, and clothes for the bride, the groom, and the entire family, all these can be a little too overwhelming on the pocket especially in this economy.

However, Rentable.Pk is the ultimate solution to help with most things required for your wedding. As the name suggests, Rentable.Pk is a website that allows individuals of Pakistan to rent items that they desire at an affordable price. In other words, they make luxury life easily accessible to many people in Pakistan.

When it comes to deciding and booking a venue, Rentable.Pk can quickly assist you with finding the perfect location for your event, be it outdoors or an indoor banquet, meeting almost all your requirements at a moderate price.

Speaking of catering services, we all want them to be the best as we know how desi people love their food, and Rentable.Pk can help you with that as well. Many people are listing down their catering services on the site, find one that suits you and your budget.

Moreover, we are certainly aware of how much the Shaadi decorations can cost, and well no one is willing to pay that much amount, nowadays. The best way to get your desired decoration is to rent decoration material like lights, and backdrops, especially if it is a small wedding, and do it all yourself with a little help.

However, if it is a big wedding then obviously you do not have the time to reach the venue and do all that, then rent decorators who can assist you at the lowest price. For this, you can again visit Rentable.Pk, and search for wedding decorators, and search for the ones near you.

Now, when it comes to clothes, we all want to look the best, be it our wedding, our siblings’ or our cousins, we all want to stand out. Well, Rentable.Pk can quickly help you find the perfect outfit for each event. Be it, warm velvet gowns or some stylish designer outfits with Rentable.Pk, everyone, including the bride and the groom can find the outfit they’ve been looking for, that too at less than quarter the price. This is how Rentable.Pk can help you plan a wedding on a low budget. 

If you are someone who has shaadi clothes, decoration items, an empty plot available for events, or any other wedding service, you can easily list your service on Rentable, and let us help you expand your client list.

Rentable.Pk allows people to turn their liabilities into paying assets. Hence, anything that is futile to you can be of use to others. Therefore, without a doubt, make an ad and post it on Rentable.Pk for your thing or services to be rented out.