Make this Shadi Season Memorable by Renting Dhol & Dafli from Us

We all know how December is the ultimate wedding season in Pakistan. Amidst the pandemic situation, weddings are still going on with the same zeal and enthusiasm. However, the guest lists have significantly shrunk and the size of the functions are rather small.

No matter what the circumstances are, we can’t imagine having a desi wedding without everyday dholkis and dance practices, be it with just our close friends and relatives. We all know these dholkis are incomplete without dhols and daflis that add more fun and traditional touch.

Why renting a Dhol and Dafli is the ultimate option this wedding season:

Dhols and daflis aren’t just a necessity because they complete the dholkis, but it is also one of the most traditional things added to desi weddings. No desi wedding is complete without the fun dholak nights, where all the women of the house gather around the dhol and sing songs to the beat of it.

Each one of them jamming to different traditional wedding songs, one after the other. Some women also hit spoons against the dhol and others with daflis in their hands to add variety to the beat. This is what fuels and finalizes each Pakistani wedding. Hence, making dhols and daflis an essential at each desi Shaadi.

We can all agree that these two instruments are essential; however, after the wedding can be a useless asset. We won’t be using both of these items once the wedding concludes. This is why it doesn’t make sense to invest in dhols and daflis. This is why you need to opt for another option, which is renting.

Renting dhols and daflis isn’t something entirely new for the Pakistani people. Many of us have been renting them for quite some time; however, with so many little things to do for the wedding, you sometimes do not get the time to go out looking for such items.

This is when you can try finding them online. Nowadays, when everything is online, you can easily find them online to rent. This means you do not have to visit shops one after the other looking for them physically.

Moreover, during the wedding season, you sometimes find it even more difficult to rent them as they are all usually booked. With an online renting portal, you do not have to worry about all this, you need to find a relevant ad and rent them at your convenience.

Lastly, if you already own them, you can find some portals. This allows you to post advertisements for your products and belongings. This way, without any difficulty, you can make some extra coins from your assets.  

Rentable – the one-stop renting solution:

Unable to find a suitable site that allows you to rent little things to help you in times of need? Well, Rentable is here to solve that problem. It is an online platform that allows people to easily rent in or out their assets without much of a stretch.

Rentable is the first-ever free classified website with more than 48 categories to rent from where you can find almost anything from readily available cars and apartments to dhols and daflis.

Moreover, you can create ads of your items that you would like to earn from and rent them out to other individuals that might need them. All you have to do is create an account, start a conversation with the dealer from whom you want to rent a particular item, or create an ad for your belonging.