Rentable As Pakistan’s First Digital Medium

Digital renting has become an alternative appreciated worldwide for being extremely convenient, as everything from surfing for items to contacting the dealer can be done from the comfort of one’s home. But it seems that in Pakistan, the case is a bit different.

Renting has, although, started being recognized as a worthy option with many people choosing it over buying, no digital medium exists that allows for it to be done within Pakistan—that is, until now. is an emerging local startup that aims to bring digital renting into the limelight within Pakistan. 

Why Should Renting Be Digital?

The entire world has found digital forms of various platforms. One can do pretty much everything online, so why not renting? Renting allows one to enjoy a variety of things without hoarding items and spending tons of money. What is better than being able to benefit from it to the fullest from the confines of your house? Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, where everything has become virtual, from shopping to school to work, renting being done through a digital medium just adds to everyone’s convenience. 

What Does Rentable Offer?

Rentable offers its users the facility of renting whatever they want. Our range of items is endless and prices can always be negotiated with the party privately. One only needs to download the rentable app and sign up to open a world of endless necessities that are all up for rent. And in a matter of minutes, one can rent just about anything. From an office desk to an apartment, rentable has it all. So then, one can convert to a clutter-free lifestyle without stepping outside of their houses. What more can anyone ask for?

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Here are a few benefits that come with renting becoming a digital medium within Pakistan:


Most people find it a hassle to spend their time and energy browsing through multiple different shops for any necessities which is why they prefer online shopping. Such people would find it feasible if they can rent items online as well, thereby saving a lot of energy. 


Online renting allows you to shop alone. If you are someone who hates crowds and is very annoyed by the salespeople, then this is the best and most comfortable option for you. Not to mention the fact, you can rent online 24/7. What way better than to spend your Saturday night in your cozy pajamas while you browse through items to rent, right?

Finding the best of the best

Another great perk of renting digitally is that you can go through pages and pages of items without getting tired. Whereas, in real life, you easily tire and get yourself the first thing that seems like a good deal. With renting online, you can see the entire collection and judge what is worth it to rent for a certain price.

Satisfy any doubts about the item in question

Through the platform of online renting, it is very easy to contact the dealer and talk in detail about the price, the quality of the product or item, how long you want to keep something for or anything else you want to ask. This cannot be done with so much ease as it can be done online.

Now that you know online renting comes with so many great advantages, you should also make use of such a convenient renting alternative. So head onto rentable’s website or download the app, and make the most of Pakistan’s first-ever digital medium!