What Precautions Should You Take While Renting During a Pandemic?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has spread throughout the world, and just when we thought the spread was decreasing, the second hazardous wave arrived, affecting more people than ever.

In a situation like this, each one of us is obliged to take maximum precautions to help limit the spread, while the authorities come out with a vaccine to help put an end to this life-threatening disease.

We all know the essential safety precaution required during this Pandemic, which is to wear a mask, avoid unnecessary contact with fellow workers or family members, and carry a hand-sanitizer at all times. Well, these simple steps not only can save you, but they can also help protect the people of your surroundings.


Renting During a Pandemic

We can all agree to the fact that even with a pandemic at hand with cases at its peak, life does not stop. Be it one’s household, professional, or medical requirements. Secondly, we can also admit that not everything falls into everyone’s budget, which points them towards the direction of renting. However, this option might seem a little absurd and dangerous to many people during these difficult times. To ensure your safety, here is what you can do to minimize the chances of getting affected by the virus while simultaneously renting all that you need. (From Rentable. pk of course)

Safety Precautions to take while renting during the Pandemic

1. Make sure everything that you are opting to rent is properly sanitized: 

When you find the perfect item you want to rent, the first and foremost thing you need to do is, ask the lender to sanitize the product with either a disinfectant. This way, you do not have to worry about any germs making your way with the package inside your home.

2. Meet in open spaces that are less populated:

After you break a deal with the supplier and agree to your terms, the next step is to meet them for the exchange. One primary thing to keep in mind is to meet in open spaces where the risk of catching the virus is lesser, and the number of people in that area is limited. Avoid going into someone’s apartments, house, office, or other small rooms to get the rented item. Take this step because open-air is safer, and there is a better chance of social-distancing outside than in confined spaces.

3. Always wear a mask while meeting with the supplier for the exchange:

Meeting in an open space does not mean that you can hold back from taking the necessary precautions. This is because you never know if the supplier is affected by the virus or came into contact with anyone who is, and at the time, is carrying those germs. Therefore, always wear a mask and while taking the rented item, make sure to either sanitize your hands properly or wear gloves.

4. Sanitize the rented item yourself before you start using it:

You never know if the lender kept his part of the deal and sanitized the object you rented. Take no risks! It is better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to sanitize the product again before you start using it. Do not skip this step no matter what the product is, be it a piece of medical equipment or just a wall hanging that you rented for your house.

5. Rent from an authentic source:

Finally, try and rent out things from an authentic source—for instance, Rentable.Pk, the first free classified website of Pakistan, promotes renting while ensuring that each posted product is precise and accurate. Although rentable.Pk cannot be held accountable for any mishap during the renting process; however, this portal is designed as such that it’s best to keep everything authentic. This is done by collecting personal information and contact details of the renter and the supplier. Moreover, you can easily navigate anything you want to rent. From cars, houses, clothes to electronic devices, and even books on this web-portal.

Rent Safe!