Airbnb in Pakistan

Have to go to a new city in Pakistan? You don’t know anybody there? Fear not, Airbnb is now functional in Pakistan and is to help you. Airbnb is an internet-based service provider that allows people from different parts of the world to host guests if they have extra space at their home. All the while making new friends.

Airbnb is one of the most successful companies worldwide. Its services are used by millions of people around the world every year in more than 120 countries and territories. Of course, the hosts charge a fee for letting you stay, but it is usually cheaper than hotels. Airbnb has one of the lowest rates which are as low as $20.

Airbnb allows you to compare basic amenities, prices, and the pictures of the premises you wish to stay in from the comfort of your home. Airbnb is of great help because of its versatility and the sheer number of options and customizations that it offers to its clients. There is something for everyone, from the ones who prefer to pay less and also for the people who want to rent whole premises.

Once you land onto the Airbnb website, it asks you where you want to stay. Choose your location and then you choose how many days your stay would last. When you hit the search button a range of options come your way.

Apart from the big cities where you are sure to find hundreds of host listings, Airbnb has host listings from even some of the remote areas of the country. From Kalam, Naran, Hunza, and Murree in the north to Mirpurkhas in the south of the country, we have host listings in almost every major town so that Airbnb becomes your one-stop website whenever and where you want to travel. All you have to do is look for the option that works best for you.

While selecting a room you can view multiple pictures of the room that you would be living in. Multiple photographs of the premises allow you to carefully consider the choice of your room. The service ensures that great care is taken detailing the number of rooms, bathrooms, kitchen available.

All the amenities available on the premises are also listed. Some of the amenities that our hosts might add to their profiles are air conditioning, heaters, dryers, hot water, iron, availability of dining areas. Also, a list of bathroom amenities like hairdryers, hangers, shampoo, and toiletries is made available to the guests.

The guests are also made aware of any basic amenities not included at a property. For example, if a premises does not have a washer or smoke detectors, it is mentioned on the introduction to the respective property so that you could make an informed decision.

Once you have selected a place that you would want to stay at, Airbnb connects you to the landlord or the contact person for the property so that you could sort out things like the time of your arrival and if you might require some special arrangements.

There are also reviews from previous guests who have stayed at the property. Guests can rate their experience on a scale of 5 stars. Reviews also help immensely while deciding to stay at a place.

Airbnb understands that hosts and guests might have concerns about their respective safety. It is one of their top priorities to ensure so. Hosts have to be able to trust the people who stay at their home and vice versa. Thus, they verify the hosts by asking for a government ID, their phone numbers and email addresses. Likewise, hosts also have the right to ask for a government ID from a guest before they confirm a booking.

Hosts can also have apprehensions about any mishaps at their property. To keep the homes of our hosts, and their belongings safe, Airbnb covers every booking with USD 1 million in property damage protection and another USD 1million in insurance against accidents.

Every property listing also has a list of rules that the guests are expected to strictly adhere to. This ensures a safe and problem-free environment for the hosts as well as the guests. Common rules include check in check out timings, the permission of large gatherings at the premises, and the maximum number of guests allowed on a property.

Payments must only be made via the Airbnb website and offsite payments can lead to fraud. If any host or third party asks for offsite payments, Airbnb must be alerted. Total charges are refunded if the booking is canceled at least 24 hours before the listing’s check-in time. However, charges differ as to when the booking is canceled after that, guests are encouraged to read the cancellation policy in detail before booking.

Airbnb offers 24/7 global support in case either the hosts or the guests have any sort of problem.